On to 2015!

Whelp, the holidays are over and done with, the toys are (mostly) put away in our basement and we’re officially into 2015. Happy New Year, in case I didn’t say it in a previous post. I’ll be honest with all of you, 2014 was a whirlwind year for me. I started a new job, knocked up my wife for the second time (boom!), moved into a new house and was just insanely busy all year long. Sometimes during 2014 I felt like my head was about to explode from stress, it was that crazy.

The good news is that the end of the year was awesome, and I’m pumped to be headed into 2015 on such a positive note. We finally finished dealing with the remnants of the floods that forced my mother to re-finish her entire basement, which was a huge issue to deal with throughout the Spring and early Summer. Though it was a rough patch for her, it was really cool to see how so many people came out of the woodwork to help her in her time of need. People from all over her neighborhood showed up during the flood to help move stuff from the basement up into the garage, a local carpet cleaning company gave her a huge discount on water damage remediation services, and the community in general just really showed up to help her out. It was fantastic, and one of those moments when you think “humanity isn’t all that bad after all.”

The last few months have been awesome, too. As much as I complain about all of the commercialism associated with the holidays, Christmas really is a lot more fun with kids. This was the first year that my kid really “got it” about Christmas. Last year was pretty much just about tearing wrapping presents and stuff, but this year we got to watch movies with her, read her books, talk about Santa, etc. It was pretty cool to see her so freaking excited about Santa coming to bring her presents. Hopefully, like I said in my last post, we can just find a way to tame the commercialistic beast that is the holidays in the coming years.

Anyhoo, yeah, I’m really looking forward to 2015. I think it’s going to be an even better year than last year was, and I’m trying to make sure I approach the year with optimism, an open mind and with renewed focus on my goals and my family.

Happy New Year, everyone!