Too Many Christmas Gifts

What does having a toddler do to your house over the Holidays? Well, I can tell you what it does not do, and that’s create any more space. Especially when you have a mother like mine who likes to absolutely spoil her grandkids. Before Christmas, we cleaned the basement head to toe to make sure that we had more room for all the toys that we knew Nana was going to buy our little bundle of fire.  We steam cleaned the carpets, cleaned out and threw away boxes. We even had a handyman come in and create the very last bit of storage possible in our house!

Turns out, we underestimated the haul that we were coming home with. Let’s put it this way, we almost had to leave some presents at Grandma’s. When you can barely fill your car, which happens to be an SUV, there’s something severely wrong with the amount of presents that are under the tree. Not to mention the amount of money that is most likely put on a credit card, as my Mom isn’t a rich stock broker!

Happy adorable little girl with gift box

Why is that every Christmas we have the same conversation with all the grandparents? It goes something like this:

Me: Please don’t buy us, or our kiddo so many presents. We would appreciate a couple of course, but 20 is going overboard.

Grandparents: Okay, that’s fine.

Me: So then we have an agreement?

Grandparents: Yes.

Listen, I get it that Grandparents want to spoil their grandkids, but there’s only so much room that we have in our 3 bedroom house with unfinished basement. We can’t add any more storage without building an extra-large shed outside, and I doubt that my loving wife is going to want to put a nice Mickey Mouse doll in a massive Tupperware out in the garage. The wife had a great idea that we would like to institute in the future. Every person gets 5 presents. Something they want. Something they need. Something to wear. One book. And to finish it off, one activity. Sounds simple enough right? The problem is that even if the G’Parents agree to it, we know the rule will be violated.

I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining about receiving extra gifts because I’m not. In all reality, the thing that I’m complaining about is the fact that it would be hilariously expensive to have a contractor come into this house, and magically create a boatload of new space to put all the crap that accumulates just over the joyous holidays. Zoning laws state that we can’t pop the top and go up. If we wanted to go further down to create more space, I would have to take out a second mortgage, as well as pick up a second job. Now, since I don’t really feel like bartending until past 2 in the morning, or go back to training baseball players part time, I think there’s only one good solution.

Looks like I’ll be donating some of the gifts she hasn’t seen to the local Goodwill store. Hopefully that makes someone a bit less fortunate a little happier after the holiday season. To me, that’s what the holidays are all about.

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