Kill Those Dust Mites By Cleaning Your Carpets!

Do you have a runny nose, itchy eyes or sneeze all the time like it’s nobody’s business? If you’re like me, you probably chalk this up to having a common cold, and move on with your life. Sure enough, the symptoms go away for a while, and you think the cold is gone. Then when it comes back a few weeks or a month later, you think “Oh, man, I got a cold again. Bummer!” Well, you could have a common cold, but if you don’t clean your carpet, upholstery, furniture or other items in your house enough, it might be microscopic, nasty old dust mites causing your grief.

Dust mites are nasty and live everywhere! They live in the fibers of just about anything in your house that has fibers, and though they’re microscopic, they do macroscopic damage. Dust mite allergies can be so bad that you might have to take prescription drugs to deal with them, left unchecked. No one wants to give pharmaceutical companies more money, so that’s just stupid. The best thing you can do to keep dust mites at bay is to give your house a thorough carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning once every six months or so. You may not think it’s a big deal, but if you’re chronically experiencing nasal drip, coughing, watery eyes or sneezing, then yeah, it’s a big deal.

You could even have a dust mite allergy and not even know it, or have been told you have hay fever or some such nonsense. Heck, I don’t know, you might indeed have hay fever. But if you have allergies all throughout the year, especially if you have allergies when pollen really isn’t an issue, then it might be must mites causing that allergy. The FDA even says so.

If you do have an allergy to dust mites, or any other sort of allergy that seems to persist even during the cold months, carpet cleaners can probably help. Aside from dust mites, other things that can cause mold are nasty things like mold, mildew and pet dander. Think about it: all of those things go away with a good, freshly minted clean house.

Allergies suck. Not all of the things that cause allergies suck (I think flowers are rad, and I don’t give a rat’s you know what who knows it!), but a lot of them do. Dust mites belong in that latter category – they suck. Mold sucks too. Where I live in Fort Collins, Colorado we have a lot of dust, but we also have floods and stuff, so we have a lot of moisture. Dust mites and mold, all over the place, so lots of different ways to get allergies.  If you’re like me, do yourself a favor and get your s#*t together and call the carpet cleaner, like I did just a while ago.

Bonus: My toes feel like brand new toes walking on this cushy carpet.