How to Score Big with a Golden Carpet Cleaning Company

You know what’s surprisingly golden? Carpet cleaning companies. I know, I know, it sounds boring as hell, right? Well, just because something is boring, doesn’t mean that it isn’t golden and can’t help you to score BIG.

These guys must make bank. Not Diddy bank or anything, but definitely enough bank to have a sweet ride and a huge house, at least. Think about it – everyone needs their carpets cleaned. Houses, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels – they all have carpet, and all need them cleaned. Think about how much flooring there is in a Macy’s or Nordstrom or something like that. Those stores all want their customers walking on cushy, comfortable, clean material. I bet there’s enough rug in one of those department stores to make a couple of football fields if you laid it out the right way. I bet if the Broncos played Seattle in a department store carpet stadium, they’d finally figure out a way to beat those bastards.

Anyways, where was I? Oh right. You know who has carpet? People with kids do. Just imagine having three kids running around on hardwood or tile floors. Accident. Waiting. To. Happen. Having cushy, soft carpeting softens the blow when one kid dive bombs the other kid from the couch and hits his elbow on the floor. No one wants to see a kid with a broken arm, especially their parents.

Know what happens when you put kids and carpet together? Stains happen. Lots and lots of stains. Don’t get me wrong, most parents will try to clean up those stains by themselves and will do a decent job of it for a while, but eventually those kids will spill something super dark or track enough mud in that the parents finally buckle and will call the good old, trusty professionals for help. And then, bam! Dinero in your pocket. Once those parents see how new and fresh their family rooms floor looks and smells after that first cleaning, they’re sure to book repeat appointments over and over again.

Like I said before, businesses will need your services too, even more than homes. Some large businesses see thousands upon thousands of customers per year, and they have more motivation than even parents to keep their carpets looking good as new. Ever walk into a store with old, shabby dirty floors? Even if you didn’t realize it at the time, I bet you didn’t buy anything, or at least didn’t buy as much stuff as you would have if the ground was spic and span. If you take my advice and open a carpet cleaning business, you should really try to focus on commercial cleaning more than residential cleaning, because that’s where the big bucks are.

I have no idea what the overhead is like for starting this kind of business, but it really can’t be all that much. You probably need a few state of the art cleaning machines and then some good cleaning products. I would recommend using all natural products for residential cleaning, as you want to appeal to the moms and dads who shop in the all-natural, gluten free aisles at Whole Foods. For restaurants and hotels and such, you can probably get away with more industrial cleaning products though. The customers just want to see clean carpets in those places, and most likely couldn’t care less about what went into making them clean.

So, do yourself a favor and think about opening a carpet cleaning business. If you want to start a golden business and score it big, it’s probably a good thing to do.

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